Multi Healing Balm

Welcome to Multi Healing Balm.  We’re very happy you found us!

Multi Healing Balm was born in New Zealand, where the wild outdoors is revered and the people have an activist passion for all things pure and natural.  It’s a place brimming with unique and surprising flora and fauna.  Tucked away in the rugged East Cape region of New Zealand’s North Island, Mother Nature bestowed Manuka and Kanuka shrubs and trees with plant oils high in antibacterial and antifungal properties.

We’ve taken Mother Nature’s genius and created a fusion of Manuka and Kanuka essential oils in our silky skin cream:  Multi Healing Balm.  It’s a union capturing the wisdom of the ancient healing practices of the Maori people and the power of 21st century science in a single tube.

Multi Healing Balm offers your skin antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory protection.  It is the “Go to Balm” when you know you need to apply something but are just not sure what is the best option.  Don’t hesitate.  Use Multi Healing Balm.

Multi Healing Balm promotes the healing of:

  • Cuts, grazes, abrasions, bruises, bug bites, and minor burns
  • Minor eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and cradle cap
  • Acne, cold sores, insect stings, and minor rashes
  • Tinea, athlete’s foot, thrush
  • Muscle pain, arthritis relief, inflammation, swelling
  • Dry and cracked skin

For more uses, hear it from our loyal customers.  They continue to amaze us with their testimonials and anecdotes about the benefits of Multi Healing Balm.

Simple application

Apply only a very small dab of Multi Healing Balm to the area to be treated.  It can be applied multiple times a day to every skin type.  The cream spreads freely and is rapidly absorbed leaving the skin with a smooth, non-greasy feel.  It has a subtle fragrance that evokes New Zealand’s evergreen forests.  Multi Healing Balm is available in a squeezable, recyclable 50 ml tube. 

See our FAQ page for a  Full list of Ingredients.

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