Please note these testimonials are from real customers and results are not guaranteed by Multi Healing Balm.  Experiences may vary.  

 “Hey, I just want to thank you guys for creating the Multi Healing Balm it is such an amazing product.   I bought mine 3 years ago at the child and parent show in Hamilton and it’s the most used product in our household.  I got one 50ml tube of it and so far it’s lasted us three years, and it gets used frequently. I use it as a lip balm, hand cream, I use on anything and everything that comes up on my son and he has very sensitive skin and this product has never reacted with him, I absolutely love this product.”         

~  Sarah Bloomfield via Facebook

“Since pregnancy with my first son nine years ago I have suffered cracked heels and feet on and off. It's particularly bad in winter.  They can be quite painful. I apply Multi Healing Balm to the cracks, put on some socks and go to sleep. By morning the painful cracks are not sore anymore!  That's just one of the many uses I have for this wonderful cream.”

~ Jacqui Miyabayashi, Japan

“We love your Multi Healing Balm!! It is the only cream/ointment/blam that I have ever left in reach of my four children!!!  I use it on my arthritic fingers over winter and the kids use it on their scrapes, scratches, insect bites, bee stings, bruises etc.  I particularly love it on my swollen fingers when the dreaded arthritis flares up - it is so soothing I could sit on the couch rubbing it in all day!  Amazing Product!!!!”

~  Lisa Robertson, Auckland, NZ

“Took away my kid’s Molluscum contagiosum (MC).  We LOVE MULTI HEALING BALM!  Our daughter wants her own tube for her purse in the playroom.  DIVA!!!”                                         

~  Rachel Spirer, Pittsburgh, Penn.

 “We first purchased MHB after the birth of our youngest child five years ago, and have used it for everything since, from boo boos, fungal infections, ouchies, bruises and itchies!  My teenagers started using it as well and it even works well on acne.  My dad came to me and asked me for our special cream as he had a scab on his face that just wouldn’t heal... I notice he now carries it everywhere too!  We have also given some to my Nana who is always tearing and bruising her fragile skin!  So now we have four generations all using it! I love it so much, I give it to all my friends when they have a baby!”

~  Rebekah Taylor, New Zealand

“I think you should add 'post tattoo' treatment to the list of things Multi Healing Balm can be used for.  I used it on my second tattoo and it really helped with the itching I had when the skin started to heal, plus it kept it clean and infection free.  I really think this one healed more quickly than the last, too.”

- JC, Auckland, New Zealand

“Breast augmentation .....MHB is my savior.....so so so so so sore, and the bruising is evil.... It is a miracle cream!!!!”

~  Understandably Anonymous

 “I LOVE this product!! It is so practical because it can be applied to broken skin. We have found it amazing for everything but best of all for us it has relieved mossi bites. My husband and I react very badly to mossi bites and the Multi Healing Balm is the best product for reducing the swelling, reddness and itchiness. It's great!”

~  Belinda O, New Zealand